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To arrange for terminally ill patients to record with music industry professionals for the purposes of providing a legacy for themselves and their families.

The Living Legacy Foundation would like to give an opportunity for terminally ill patients who have musical inclinations to express themselves artistically. The foundation would like to provide the experience of recording in a professional environment to leave behind as an everlasting and personal form of expression for their loved ones.

Whether it is an original or cover song, poetry set to music, collaboration with professional producers, sitting in on a favorite recording artist’s session, or telling a story, this recording will be a timeless expression of a life lived. Where appropriate, a video component will be added to enrich this living and breathing monument.

While the final product is meant as a personal keepsake for the artist, it may be used to extend their legacy even further by drawing attention or raising money towards a chosen cause or charity close to their heart or condition. It could be used to inspire, educate, reach out to others or simply to be remembered by.

Originally inspired by Olivia Wise, the terminally ill teenager who inspired millions of people around the world with her viral recording of Katy Perry’s Roar in her final months of battling brain cancer. Olivia and her recordings exemplify the power of such a legacy.

These recordings are sure to be inspired and emotional works of art that will enrich the world. The experience should be enjoyable, and the knowledge of securing a part of one's legacy should bring peace of mind to the patient. They should not only be a rewarding experience for the participant, but for all participants and for all who may listen.

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